Popeyes Employee Freaks out over Chicken Sandwich

This new craze over Popeyes chicken sandwiches is ridiculous.
Black Guy Tries to Make Friends in Europe –
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Buk Lau:

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  1. Booty Boo says:

    Y’all rawk!!!☀️

  2. Dog dog says:

    Oh shit what up Jessie

  3. Glimmer Momma aka Susan Stalvey says:

    I wish Popeyes had properly prepared for such demand!!! When it finally gets here, it better be as good as they say it is

  4. block hasher says:

    God he hid his race so well, always thought he was white because his normal sounding voice had the white guy picture as he was doing it

  5. block hasher says:

    its weird seeing OP’s real face while he does the accents XD