Farting at Target with The Pooter – MORE LONG FARTS

I took my Pooter back to Target and farted on people with LONG farts.

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Jack Vale is the original OG prankster on YouTube. Starting out in 2007 using his own fart toy which he named “The Pooter” (). Old hidden camera TV shows like “Bloopers and Practical Jokes” and “Candid Camera” influenced him as a kid so it was destined that one day he would figure out how to play practical jokes on people for a living.

After uploading a few videos on YouTube, various TV shows reached out and licensed several of his videos. Eventually, Dick Clark Productions and First Television asked him to produce and star in the hidden camera segments of the all new TV show “Bloopers” in 2012. He has been a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dr Oz, George Lopez Tonight, Fox and Friends, and others.

In 2014, Jack won the streamy award for best prank channel on YouTube. This was the first year for the “Prank Channel” category. As pranks started to become mean-spirited and staged, Jack remained committed to providing clean, funny prank videos where the focus was not on “pushing the envelope”, but rather on the “comedy” of the bits.

In 2015, HLN premiered a new reality show all about Jack, his wife and kids and their family business of pranking. The show did very well for the network and received an early pick-up for a second season.

Jack Vale has established himself as one of YouTube’s most accomplished original content creators and an established TV producer. Currently he is filming new prank videos for his online audience and also producing and writing for multiple TV shows and Films. To date across all platforms, he has 3 Million followers and his videos have been viewed more than 5 Billion times. He is married and has 5 kids.


  1. Jack Vale Films says:

    Calling 10 People who buy Pooters in the next 24 hours IF YOU USE THIS LINK! and will live stream the calls!

    • Claudio Quandt Alves Barrios says:

      Hello, Jack. I’m from Brazil. Can I buy The Pooter from here? Your videos are funny. Sorry about my english. Congratulations.

    • officerot says:

      @miklooo8080 I did years ago, works just fine

    • Jon Dowling says:

      I love glue Jack Vale!!

    • miklooo8080 says:

      Hello Jack 🙂 im from sweden and wonder if i can order to sweden?

    • Coolboy2fllii12 says:

      Jack Vale Films nice video Fam you are Awesome keep staying strong I Believe in you 😂😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️🤙🏻🤟🏽👍🏻🤗😘

  2. jimicrack29 thibodeaux says:

    im all ways depressed. thanks jack for making me laugh today.

  3. Brandon Lahman says:

    Why do they always look at the fanny in disbelief…..lol

  4. Chief Goose says:

    2:31 was my favorite reaction. She was like gotta go….wrong isle

  5. Travis Downs says:

    @2:04 “Shave and a haircut” 😂😂😂