Buying Drugs at the Drive-Thru (animated)

This manager absolutely loses it when he finds out that his employee was selling drugs from his drive-thru window. Enjoy the video? Share the link with your friends!

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  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    This is the FIRST new, never before heard animated prank call in 2.5 YEARS! If you want me to upload more, a LOT sooner, plz show your support by LIKING the video and sending the link to your homies! These are super super expensive to produce, so your support would be much appreciated.

    • SweetScienceMMA _ says:

      You have NOT uploaded Wednesday’s and Sunday’s like you had said!!!!!!!

    • The Force says:

      Yeah animated pranks is cool!!! Keep that! I love it!

    • Stephen Wolfe says:

      In your next prank where you use your normal voice, you should morph your old Russel character into a cartooned version of how you actually look now that we know. I’m curious why you chose to use a cartoon image of someone who looks nothing like you.

    • sellbotvpmaster99 says:

      Please upload more!! Miss these. Been a loyal follower for over 6 years!!

  2. Filippos Stratopoulos says:

    You are rasist to greeks

  3. The_Nuclear_Winter says:

    He seems like a nice guy, even gives him a chance to talk about legit stuff and was like “YOU SHOULDNT CALL PEOPLE NAMES OR SPEAK TO PEOPLE IN THAT MANNER”

  4. Hager Garcia says:

    Please do part 2 and add stage 2 to this. Call him from within the store trying to look to for the snowcone lol

  5. Naveed Akhoon says:

    “My BoDy Is My TeMpLe” head ass 😂