Manager Reacts to Being Pranked over and over Again for 5 Months

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  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    I have new pranks in the works, planning on releasing videos on Wednesday and Sunday! (And more of a regular subtitled prank call on Sunday, a super super funny one). Thanks for the support and your patience while I get used to producing this new content. Don’t worry, the regular subtitled pranks aren’t going anywhere. My next prank just isn’t quite ready to be released yet 🙂

    • Josue Martinez says:

      Hilarious bruh

    • Customer Service says:

      It didnt trend because its a documentary hour long type video… You cant trend with something so long and only your loyal subscribers would care to devote the time to watch it

    • Ronzarelli says:

      Thanks! Appreciate all you do. Your videos are just so fun and I always cant wait for more! Love to see videos on:
      1. More about you. Is Russel your real name? what do we call you?
      2. How Owange Pranks came to exist.
      3. Fun videos teaching how to say some cool phrases. (“NUMBAAAR TWOO!” – “Hey bic boi, laka sum boo-dee”)

      You rock 🙂

    • wikked girl says:

      Ownage I have watched you for years…. I will no longer do so

    • Jude Giolitto says:

      Do rakesh

  2. Chasity Glenn says:

    Ashley‘s laugh is obnoxiously annoying! It was extremely hard to listen to her reaction and it’s entirety

  3. Frank Manfredi says:

    2:30 Why does it look like Ownage Pranks just dies inside XD

  4. J Truts says:

    This is great an all but I personally prefer when you get people really really pissed off, she was just too dang friendly lol. Keep it up!

  5. H u l k a r o n i & C h e e s e says:

    Keely likes you Ownage lol