Crazy Thief Returns STOLEN Clothes

This clothing store had $1,000 worth of Champion clothing stolen from them, the way the manager reacts when I offer to SELL BACK the stolen merchandise is incredible. Follow me on Instagram for more lols: @OwnagePranks

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Buk Lau:

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  1. Yusuf Paiman says:

    This Lululululu part killed me mannnn!

  2. Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French says:

    How do you leave a big like? I only see one sized “like” thing. Is that the big one or is it hidden somewhere else?

  3. JackSpackProductions says:

    I feel really bad for the guy this time around. I kind of understand why he was so frustrated to be honest. Dude had a shitty few weeks.

  4. Hamad Almarzooqi says:

    I dont know this guy, but now I see why is he a manager. Respect to the guy

  5. Jerald Ehlert says:

    This manager is such a good dude.