Boyfriend LOSES IT Over Naughty Photo Leak

I sat down with some friends and did a live prank on July 4th. This girl’s boyfriend ends up RAGING when I pretend like I found her phone, and the naughty pictures in it.

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  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Hope you guys dig this extra video!! I have a subtitled prank going up this Sunday (that’s also a collab w someone a lot of you will recognize!). ALSO – I’m traveling to FINLAND, SWEDEN, and NORWAY next week! If you have a place you recommend I check out, or are a videographer that wants to work with me while I’m traveling, reach out to me on Twitter, instagram, or my website!! @ownagepranks or Thanks for all the love and support homies

    • Cameron Kittle says:

      You need to do those gay hotline pranks again they were freaking weird and hilarious at the same time

    • dean o'leary says:

      You should do more calls with those girls they know how to actually have fun 😂

    • jimmyk127 says:

      Ownage Pranks is Ashley going with you to Norway and Sweden

    • MYUNG JIN KIM says:

      I highly recommend you to visit Aifur in Sweden, Stockholm. It is an popular Viking restaurant.

  2. Dollar Bill Y’all says:

    He sound like the same guy from the thief callback

  3. Un!T Cu$tomZ says:

    Na stick to the usual format for the calls .. too much stuff going on in the background

  4. james sayshi says:

    Seeing him talk that way lol is hilarious

  5. Gabriel271294 says:

    This was awesome. Keep it up, Tyrone.