Hidden Camera Prank : Scaring the Crap Out of People

Watch this young knight in shining Armour scaring people hidden camera prank.

As they walk not knowing what waits for them. As soon as they come near our knight springs into actions scaring them. Hilarious to see people getting scared and shocked by a tin suit who they are not expecting any movement out of. Funny prank that gets everyone going. Enjoy these Pranks

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  1. America Manez says:

    Hahaha, the best bro

  2. pepepompin says:

    fake fake fake, hall actors

  3. crushboy443 says:

    die letzte war geil, alder!

  4. Exxod says:

    1:17 noo the ice cream 🙁

  5. Vergil the legendary dark slayer says:

    fake and gay