How to Survive the Government Shutdown

Tons of people have been struggling due to the government shutdown and their payments being put on hold, here are some clever ways to help get by during these tough times 😉 Request a prank –

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  1. Melissa fluck says:

    I would say I called corporate and they told me to call my local store and tell them you have to call ahead of time and let them know your family is coming in to eat and will be there in 10 minutes. See what they say about having to give a free family meal. I worked for. Mcds and they throw out a LOT of food just because the timer on the cabinet went off! Perfectly good food in the trash because it was in the “cabinet” for 5 minutes! Hoe about they donate it to the homeless.. Chicken nuggets and hamburger meat all cooked.

  2. Abdullah says:

    Not trying to be racist, but in most of the prank calls with black people that I have seen, they’re extremely rude. Or is it like a propaganda against black people.

  3. BluRex says:

    Call a Syrian restaurant as Abdo

  4. Melissa fluck says:

    Wow don’t call Wendy’s and ask for help. That chick should lose her job

  5. Giantalfe says:

    When someone asks you if you can pause the online game…