Creepy Indian vs. Jealous Boyfriend

This girl is generally super flirty and has a close Indian friend in college, check out what happens when I make her boyfriend think she wasn’t being completely faithful..
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  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Welcome back #OPCREW! The way this prank goes down is amazing, talk about rubbing salt on the wound lol. I’ll be replying to all channel members who comment on the video! You can join here 😀

    • Abby B says:

      Prank westboro Baptist church!!!

    • Roland Ostwald says:

      You are an idiot for recording that prank… I thought you are an intelligent man.

    • Azizjon Muqumov says:

      Ownage I sent you a prank request can you do it please I appreciate it

    • Ian Farnbach says:

      Ownage Pranks – I like a lot of your material as it’s witty and clever (thanks by the way) but this one is a misfire. Not funny as it’s just mean and thoughtless.

      Taunting what clearly sounds like a randomly decent sounding man with his girlfriend and causing severe pain is shallow and alienates much of your audience.

      Substance always wins over style and I suspect that around about now you’re wishing you didn’t upload this one.

      We all make mistakes and who knows, you might get even more subs with a short explanation:apology because this “gag” is thirsty for it.

    • theodosis karitzis says:

      I want to join but it doesn’t let me it says this content is unavailable for purchase

  2. TwinTurboLsx says:

    She’s obviously cheating on him ,leave the twat dude .shes not the faithful kind that’s for sure

  3. Dinesh Vutukuru says:

    Seems like this prank is a warm-up for Nathan

  4. Abby B says:

    Prank westboro Baptist church!!!

  5. GamersZone says:

    If she is wanting to be in open relationship believe me dude she is not interested to be with you for the coming years she is not going to marry you, but she also don’t want to end up the relationship as long as she not getting married with another man. I have had this relationship.