Kid Finds Condom Inside Halloween Bag – Songified (animated)

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  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    WHATUP SQUAAAAAD! #OPCREW Been excited to share this fun upload w y’all, always super cool to see how these videos can get remixed/songified haha. I got some really great new halloween scripts that you can send RIGHT NOW, check em out 🙂 FREE DOWNLOAD ON iOS AND ANDROID! Ok now back to working on this Sundays video, it’s 20+mins long and incredible, so hit that bell notification when ya subscribe!

    • Criptin says:

      Hey, the last message I sent to you kinda came off the wrong way with the whole you should do two in a week. I just wish that, and wish granted, haha. Thanks for the vids you can tell over time your character voices have gotten alot better. Cheers! =)

    • dj Samuel says:

      More junito

    • Calvin Royal says:

      Ownage Pranks , bruh learn to leave well enough alone!
      This is corny AF..

    • Jake Shane says:

      Awww come on Russell! You took the cop out on Halloween and you know it. Damn dawg, you gonna do us dirty like dat? You better have a crazy prank waiting for us soon!! 😁😁

    • SUMAN HITESH says:

      Man! This rap is so hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  2. natureboyinyourface says:

    Doing my night at the Roxy dance

  3. KFC For LIFE says:

    Omg I acc put one in 😂

  4. Kirill Prokopenko says:

    This is mad funny, man. All the haters can go hate themselves.

  5. Dip Dee Doo says:

    Stay subscribed if you suck dogs balls and are a fkn Retard… many other better prank caller channels out there. Ownage has lost it. Stupid Fuckwit.