I’m Giving Away My Channel?!

Check out Pranks Network:

We’ll be uploading every other day, but for the first week we’ll be posting a video every day so stay tuned! Let us know who you’d like to see featured in the comments!
Want to feature your pranks on this channel? Get in touch with us at contact@pranksnetwork.com!


  1. PublicPrank says:

    Excited to finally announce this! I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile and the day has finally come, let us know who you want to see featured and smash that like button!

  2. Spranxzz says:

    Lol i almost forgot subbed to this channel

  3. Tom Körner says:

    Why you do that

  4. maikpls says:

    *I”m sure you guys are gonna love it*
    Yeah, that’s gonna be no from me dawg

  5. PKMN Trainer Mark says:

    Oh yeah, this is a channel.