Prank Gets Russian Guy Locked up in Prison!

This Russian guy lost his iPhone X and will do ANYTHING to get it back.. but he ends up being a little too eager and lands himself in a local prison | Subscribe:
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Buk Lau:

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  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    This video got demonetized 4 mins after it went live 😞 but otherwise seemed fine untillll it went live. If you guys appreciate the 32min episode hit the Like button and send the link to one of your homies

  2. Mike M says:

    Torture people and wasting their time is not funny any more.

  3. G L 1 T C H says:

    Haven’t laughed this much for soo long

  4. ARAZE A says:

    I know tht this prank was done as u got mail from his frnds but I think u went to far with the prank and the dude damir is so clam and was even ready to pay $800 for the phone ,he could have added few more money and bought a new iPhone X but he has his personal stuff so he wanted it so badly he did everything for his phone and even wasn’t mad at the end. And I don’t think YouTube pay tht bad tht a guy with 4.7m subs can’t afford an iPhone X u showed kinda a selfish there or U would have made a fundme or anything els so everyone can donate some amount of money to help him.
    P.s I’m not hatting on him.

  5. nik Bahtin says:

    poor poor damir