Son Caught Hacking Gives Mom Heart Attack

This kid just graduated high school and got accepted into the college of his dreams, but his mom absolutely FREAKS OUT when I tell her his diploma might be getting revoked because he hacked into the school network.

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  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    omg omg omg I still can’t believe this prank ended up quite like this, but been excited to finally share it with you. Don’t forget to drop a Like if you dig it and share the link on social media! Shout out to all y’all subscribers with the bell notification on, you get to see these new videos the minute they’re released!

    • joesph cardillo says:

      Ownage Pranks please do the Juanito prank please and needs to come back please I would really appreciate it I really love that prank so much I think it’s like part 5 you need to do please do it please I would so much appreciate

    • Aneesa Grant-Hutchinson says:

      Ownage Pranks amazing job

    • Kwaesi Laguer says:

      We want Juanito

    • Dunel Osier says:

      Ownage Pranks Lmao u made my day today thx alot 😀😀😀😀

    • Alicia Gonzalez says:

      Ownage Pranks I was laughing while she was crying it was so funny 😂😂 I would of said “shut the fuck up bitch you can’t tell me what the fuck i should do”

  2. Darren Rambarran says:

    Think you should call back babu and MD at 7/11

  3. Indie Soull says:

    MuthaYucker Doooooo…oooooo…oooooo….(read more)

    Ooooo…ooooo….ooooooooo…(read more)

  4. JackDavies says:

    What a stupid bitch, why is she crying and acting like he’s killed someone. All he did was change a grade fucking bitch

  5. yummyjackalmeat says:

    Too far…