Barber’s Wife Caught CHEATING on Vacation – Ownage Pranks

I called this barbershop owner to come clean about sleeping with his wife while on vacation. I did not expect it to go down like this.
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  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Whatup #OPCREW! This video ended up going down a little differently than planned, but is so so hilarious. Let me know your fav part in the comments! Remember to check out the remaining Ownage Pranks merch in my store! This is the last print for a lot of these designs, so gram em while ya can 🙂


      Prank the receptionist at my driving school pls

    • Mon Elica says:

      He is 20 year dude XD

    • jimmyk127 says:

      Ownage Pranks hea O.P crew can you prank call one of the bars that were on Bar Rescue

    • Johnny James says:

      i agree Hav T. That’s when the pranks start coming to an end due to sexual rudeness. If it were irl, i would call it sexual harassment so why is it ok to sexually harass someone on the phone? Its not, Russel, I look forward to something a bit more creative in the future and a bit less rude to your fellow human.

  2. Starting Tomorrow says:

    Never does she deny the cheating.

  3. Sam10947 says:

    a cheating wife is a potentially dead woman

  4. Zymann says:

    “CRA” just called: 1-705-315-0898

  5. Alejandra Gonzalez says:

    The jokes on ownage this time. Classic