Mexican Scammer Destroys Restaurant (cops called!)

Juan tries to scam a Mexican restaurant but gets called out by this feisty manager who calls the cops on him!

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  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Whatup notification squad! This video is extra extra special, SO MANY twists and turns. If you dig the craziness drop a Like on this!! If we hit 40,000 I’ll call back AGAIN as Juanito. Subscribe –

    • aditya shetty says:

      Ownage Pranks call back!!!!!

    • Justin Medard says:

      Call back! Lol

    • Brian Aparicio says:

      You should call her back saying you’ve got Russell hostage for revenge. Please use a gunshot sound effect too to really scare her.

      You should also use the defecating sound effect to make it sound like Juanito is on the toilet as he speaks with her to negotiate terms of Russel’s release (maybe for life time supply of flank steak).

      You could also say that Juanito wants her to meet and ask for something messed up ( a kiss, a job, etc.)

    • Elvia Harper says:

      Ownage Pranks 40,000 Time to call back!

    • Lew Skywalker says:


  2. Raj Kamal says:

    you should’ve changed your voice to Jaunito at last!

  3. TheLegendaryBravado(Gaming&Animations) says:

    one of his best pranks since his old calls 😂

  4. illuminatus says:

    40k+ make it happen bro.

  5. winner Nepz says:

    Do part 2!!!!!