Here in America, FATHER’S DAY is right around the corner! And everybody knows that nothing says “I love you dad” more than a good old prank. Except this time you’re holding the camera, and we’re watching! Send us your pranks, and you could be featured on the Gags social media platforms (YES, right beside Denis & Marie-Pierre) !!!

Need inspiration to PRANK YOUR POP? Check out this “Prank at home” compilation:

-Important dates: You have until Wednesday June 14th 12PM to submit your pranks.
-Video length: 3 seconds to 2 minutes
-Submisison: You may submit an unlimited number of pranks through

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter by uploading the video to your profile using the hashtag #PRANKYOURPOP

*Disclaimer: Just For Laughs is free to use all content submitted through the #PRANKYOURPOP campaign in any shape or form on any social media platform they own.


  1. myst says:

    read the title as prank your cop for some reason

  2. kilpaninja Man says:

    Know he vere are fanny? No he don’t

  3. Famuhly says:

    I can’t prank my pop if I don’t have one 😢😢😢😢

  4. dy ken says:

    i love you!

  5. Yama Kazoo says:

    Click ear!

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